Empowering Girls and Young Women to Lead

The mission of the Madam President Project is to prepare girls and young women to be leaders in the 21st century. We will train the next generation of leaders, so that you are ready to use your gifts to serve the world.

 Our Goals:

  • Our first goal is to train 20,000 girls and young women in at least 20 states in leadership skills by 2020.
  • We aim to train 250,000 girls and young women in all 50 states to be leaders by 2025.
  • We aim to help the first female U.S. President step into office by 2028, in part by empowering girls and women to be part of the political process in getting the first woman elected.
  • We aim to train 3 million girls and young women (or 10% of the current U.S. female population between ages 10-19) to be leaders by 2030.

One of you may someday become President!



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YOU Can Do It!

We are designing a curriculum for use in middle school, high school and college to train young women to be powerful leaders. We know that YOU can change the world, and we're excited to help you get started!

The curriculum will include:

  • A Book of Sheroes: Women Leaders and Heads of State From Around the World - This book by Lisa Powell Graham, MPA, will feature women leaders from around the world. It will share aspects of their personal stories and describes their rise to leadership. It will include some of the skills and strengths of each leader. There will also be exercises designed to help girls and young women to practice these skills.
  • Love Yourself: The curriculum will include workshops to help girls and young women develop strong self-esteem. Girls will learn that their self-worth is not dependent upon their appearance or body size. They will be reminded that their spirit, mind, visions, wishes and dreams matter, and that they are unique!
  • Leadership Projects: All girls and young women who participate will tackle a community leadership project to help them learn how to use their voices and skills to make a difference where they are.
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About the Founder, Lisa Powell Graham, MPA

Lisa Powell Graham is passionate about training girls and young women to be leaders, so we can collectively change the world together. She hopes one of you will become President someday! Lisa earned her Master in Public Administration degree from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government in 2005. She is a proven visionary leader, with more than two decades of experience in community organizing, campaign management, strategic planning, marketing communications and public speaking.

Lisa believes in public service and in giving back. She was part of Hillary Clinton's campaign staff in Philadelphia, PA in 2016; planned events for Hillary when she was her U.S. Senator; and volunteered for Barack Obama in Virginia in 2008 when he won the presidency. Lisa is a Board Member for www.OneMama.org, an organization which saves mamas and babies through medical clinics, community centers and economic empowerment for women and families in communities where people live on less than $1.25 a day. She is also a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach who specializes in empowering girls and women to live their dreams.

Lisa has lived many of her own dreams, including traveling extensively on four continents; going skydiving, surfing, white-water rafting, parasailing and more; teaching and performing dance for five years; and writing for an inspirational blog, www.8womendream.com, that gets 1 million hits a year. Lisa looks forward to training the next generation of bold, powerful leaders.

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Will YOU become the first female U.S. President?

59 countries around the world have had female heads of state. Will YOU be the first female President of the United States of America?

No matter what your dreams are goals are, we will empower you through:

  • Love Yourself: Self-esteem building workshops to help girls and young women understand that your true value is in your mind, heart and spirit, and that you can be anything you dream of being.
  • Shero Classes: Learn about great female leaders throughout history, and learn more about the skills and qualities they embodied. Meet female elected leaders and other leaders in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), the arts, sports and more. Practice strengthening the skills sets and qualities that your “sheroes” embody.
  • Strength & Trust Training: We’ll learn some basic martial arts and self-defense skills that will help you to feel like a ninja as you move forward with your next steps in the world. Every girl and woman deserves to feel safe and to feel powerful as she navigates the world.
  • Public Speaking & Communications: We’ll practice giving speeches about things you care about, so you can gain confidence in letting the world know who you are and what matters to you. We’ll learn from each other and grow.
  • Leadership Practicum: Every young woman who participates will take on one leadership project in her own school or community. Through a live exercise in organizing her community around a vision, she will step into her own power and make a positive change for the common good.
  • Big Sister Mentoring: Our college-level participants will serve as mentors for middle school and high school leaders-in-training. The goal will be to help girls prepare for college and for the real world by learning to use their skills and voices to make a difference for others. Sisterhood makes living our dreams possible!


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